1. Using Hiccup to Describe HTML
  2. Creating Reagent Components
  3. Using [square brackets] instead of (parentheses)
  4. When do components update?
  5. [WIP] Managing State: atoms, cursors, Reactions, and tracking
  6. Batching and Timing: How Reagent Renders Changes to Application State
  7. Interop with React
  8. React Features and how to use them in Reagent

Also: * purelyfunctional.tv - an excellent, written tutorial * Reagent Deep Dive Series by Timothy Pratley - a four part series * Reagent Mysteries series by Paulus Esterhazy - a four part series * Props, Children & Component Lifecycle by Martin Klepsch * Using Stateful JS Components - like D3 (external link)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why isn’t my Component re-rendering?
  2. How do I use React’s “refs”
  3. How can I use an entity like “nbsp”?
  4. Why is my attribute (like autoFocus) missing?
  5. How can I use React’s dangerouslySetInnerHTML?
  6. Reagent doesn’t work after updating dependencies
  7. How do I force Component re-creation? (external link)
  8. How do I access “props” in lifecycle methods? (external link)


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